UrbanitAs: Urban Animals as Other City-dwellers, Turkey Edition, Updated

UrbanitAnimals. We live side by side. We call them pests, vermins, #mprracoon, pets, …

As a common human behaviour, we exterminate the ones we afraid of, and do everything to keep the ones we like around. The only thing we cannot do is to accept them as city-dwellers, just like us humans.

Here I present you UrbanitAs: The Other City Dwellers aka Urban Animals. This is a photo series formed by the photos I took at different times and in several cities. I believe we are too late to acknowledge that we are just another species dwelling here on this planet. But, perhaps realising that we live side by side with a bunch of others even in the most human-made environment (aka cities) may change our perspective.

This edition is dedicated to UrbanitAs living in Turkey, “my lonely and beautiful country”.

Gelibolu, 2018
Gelibolu, 2018
Gelibolu, 2018
Gelibolu, 2018
Lapseki, 2018
Dardanelles, 2018
Gelibolu, 2018
Gelibolu, 2018
Çanakkale, 2018
Istanbul, Beyoglu, 2019
Gelibolu, 2019
Istanbul, Moda, 2019
Gelibolu, 2019




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