Istanbul: The City with the Worst Congestion in the World

Istanbul has been ranked as the number 1 in traffic congestion by TomTom Traffic Index.

TomTom, the well-known navigation company, has released TomTom Traffic Index recently.

New TomTom data reveals rush hour traffic doubles journey times for commuters
TomTom analyses traffic congestion in over 200 cities around the world
TomTom’s annual Traffic Index measures the impact traffic congestion has on over 200 cities around the world, helping drivers, businesses and governments better manage congestion.
This year, the Index reveals that the evening rush hour is the most congested time of day on virtually every road network around the world. If you have to drive during rush hour, you can expect to spend double the time in the car, on average, stuck in traffic. (TomTom)

According to this index, Istanbul is the worst city in the world in terms of traffic congestion.


Even more striking, people in Istanbul spend 110 extra hours in traffic in a year due to the congestion, and a journey which is supposed to take 30 minutes end up in Istanbul an hour.


This clearly shows the alarming levels of traffic congestion in Istanbul, which I usually explain to my friends in the UK by saying `imagine London, without tube`.

Details can be found on TomTom’s website.