Advertisement-free Cities

What if we strip our towns from outdoor advertisements which dominate public spaces for quite some time?

CATS – the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service did this for you in London and the result is marvellous.

It was funded via Kickstarter by almost 700 people who pledged over 23k GBP to get the project up and running, and as organizer James Turner noted in a blog, “This isn’t a clever marketing stunt. The people behind it are volunteers. We want to inspire people to think differently about the world and realize they have the power to change it.” (boredpanda)


Check it out:




Image Credit: boredpanda


The result shows how much our public space is occupied by advertisements, and how it is commodified silently. It also shows potentials to use these spaces for public art (or for other good causes like feline world domination) instead of increasing consumption.

Thanks CATS for making a point with our feline friends 🙂


And Brandalists Strike Back!

To take our streets back 🙂


Two days before the launch of the UN COP21 Climate Conference, 600 posters were installed in outdoor media spaces across Paris. 82 Artists from 19 different countries made artworks to challenge the corporate takeover of COP21 and to reveal the connections between advertising, the promotion of consumerism and climate change.

To see other works, check 😉


Cracks Coming Alive :)

oakoak is a street artist from France, Saint Etienne, working on the cracks in the city and turning them into visual monsters 🙂

His works are quite creative and joyful, especially the ones referring the popular culture icons.

Watch out you may bump in Jack (Shining) or Alex (A Clockwork Orange) on your street 🙂

orange mécanique



fuck lannisters



Aand this one goes to for Scotland: Kill the shining sun 😀

the explication

Check oakoak’s website out for more of his works. They are amazing 🙂