And That’s How the Tube Map Was Born!

We all love metro maps, which is clear regarding the franchase produced with them. Mugs, ties, tot bags,….

But, how the idea came to life is a different story.

Small Thing. Big Idea., a TED series “celebrates the lasting genius of everyday objects so perfectly designed that they changed the world around them”, presents the creation of one of the greatest maps of all times : the metro maps!

Click here to watch! Enjoy!

The Devil is in the Details – Bugs in the Project Catalogues

When I first started the analysis of housing project catalogues, I wouldn’t think this is going to be such an experience! I would say, it was quite hilarious, well, on occasion 🙂

Before you read more, I have to say, the issues I am talking about here are not related to the analysis itself at all, but all about my experience.

Let me start first with the moment when I felt like playing Where’s Wally?  It was fun to play this game when I was a kid. We all know Wally is hidden somewhere in the picture with a bunch of other people, etc. But, in the catalogues, of course, I was looking for particular things, not Wally. I would say it was a little bit more complicated than finding Wally 🙂

While analysing this catalogue visual below, I felt exhausted, too much details, too many people. It was that moment I felt like I am looking for Wally again 🙂 Look at the people planted in the visual 😀


Then I realized some awkward details in the visuals.

Another hilarious moment of my experience was the moment I realized someone hid a scene from The Walking Dead in one of the catalogues! Check this out:

wdThese four guys are absolutely not aware of what is going on around, but just wandering like zombies! Seriosly, guys, what were you thinking while designing this? Too much coffee perhaps 😀

Another scene from a zombie apocalypse below. Seriously, where those people are looking at? Or it may be an alien invasion, who knows 😀 (Yes, I am a sci-fi fan, so)


It was a moment of enlightenment for me 🙂 I was focused and concentrated on my work, then all of a sudden, I saw these group of people, all looking at the sky and various sides, indifferent of the place they were in… They were so randomly placed in the visual, it was quite funny to discover.

I even discovered some ghosts wandering around like these guys below. OK you would say, “well, it might be a tehnique”. Sorry but no, I am not buying it.

Ant it was the time I felt like I am looking at a scene from Romero movie when I saw this shopping trolley on the grass! Yes a trolley!

I would say, this is a criticism to the designers of the catalogues, and an honest advice!

Pay more attention the figures you place in your works guys. One day an over-enthusiastic researcher may look at much more deeper than you would think 🙂

To be continued 😉