Voilà! Britain’s Pubs with a Resident Cat

Pubs are crucial places for Britain’s social life. Interestingly though, even before the pandemic, their numbers were diminishing. A neighbourhood pub or your regular place for an after-work pint, pubs all have different characters and atmosphere.

One thing though is clearly a plus: a resident cat.

Thankfully, some people take this very seriously and did some research on it. If you live in London, you may have already heard this great book called ‘London Pubcats‘. The book is written by a book by Vicky Lane and Tim White, and tells the stories of cats living in London pubs. It’s a shame that the book only covers the ones in London.

Glad we have Twitter! A Twitter user, Robin Craig, did us all a favour with some help from other Twitter users and started to compile the pub in this essential map of pubs with cats cross Britain! It is a work in progress, but clearly the prospect looks good!

So, next time when you are visiting a town for the first time, check it out to see if there is a chance for a pint with a feline company!