Go Home Human, We Take Over From Here!

We, humans, love greenery and landscape!

We all would love to sit under a nice tree or at a beautiful park, right?

However, somehow, we want these to manicured. We design the landscape, we trim the greenery, we cut them, garden them, we nip them off… We want them to florish in our garden or parks, but we do not want them to grow other places…

Well, this is what we think. Let me tell you something, they do not care about it at all!

There are some magestic examples for that landscape and greenery take over the things we, humans, build.

But also they are so hideous that I’d rather focus on details. You know what they say, the devil is in the detail!

Here it is the green is in every crack of the city! Keep an eye on it!


Beer, wine sprits and this little tree over there


We will rise again!!




You can never know where I am coming!






Iron? Who cares! I will take over this phone box one day!


Granite? No problem!



Soo look around, you will see more (and at more wierd places).


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