Pages Bookstore-Cafe: By a Refugee for Refugees


When you walk into his Pages Bookstore and Cafe, a labor of love that he designed and decorated over a painstaking six months, a sense of peace washes over you. There’s a nook for reading outside under the shade of trees, and the interior is warm and welcoming. I could curl up in a corner for hours reading to the tunes of the legendary Lebanese singer Fairuz with a steaming cup of coffee. It is like waking up in an alternate reality, a piece of the Levant transported into this corner of Istanbul. (bookriot)

Bookriot introduced us Pages Bookstore Cafe in Istanbul. A place founded by a refugee, Samer al-Kadri, for refugees. Pages provide a place for Syrian refugees where they can read books in Arabic as much as they like, and borrow unlimited books for a small fee. But, more than that, the place provides them an atmosphere they miss a lot, somewhere look like their home country. Check bookriot’s article for more.


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