Happy Owners in Istanbul

Mother Earth just opened a real estate agency!

French artist Soazic Guezennec based in Mumbai, opens an interesting real estate agency at Studio-X. The artist designs imaginary real estate architecture using utopian discourses used in real estate ads. Guezennec’s works with their poetic yet tragic images, invite us to question our perception about the city and nature. The project, which advertises imaginary real estate projects appropriated by nature, was shown at Mumbai in 2013 for the first time. Soazic Guezennec’s Happy Owners exhibition will be at Studio-X Istanbul on May 22nd till July 3 th.

Soazic Guezennec turns the contradictory nature of the use of nature in real estate advertisements as a marketing elements in her work of Happy Owners. The artist started the series at Mumbai, and continues with Istanbul.

Artist’s works ridicule the instrumental use of nature in real estate advertisement, and also demonstrates how ridiculous the urban condition has become.

Image Credit: arkitera.com

For more details of the exhibitions:

Happy owners in Mumbai
Happy Owners in Istanbul

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