In-situ Simulacrum or Extreme Forms of Theming in Urban Space

Theming urban space is an issue for decades, it is nothing new in that sense.

However, something about its scale is happening in China: the Clone Cities.

No, it is nothing to do with clone wars!

The copycat city in north-eastern Liaoning province is just the latest example of China’s fondness for replicating Europe’s greatest architectural hits Check the here for galery!

Chinese people can now experience Venice without actually going to Italy after the Northern Chinese city of Dalian built a 4km canal lined with European style buildings.

Venice recreation in Dalian, China

(Image Credit: Guardian Cities)

Welcome to Venice, China: Dalian copies canals, palaces … and gondoliers

Another example is Hallstatt in Guangdong, replica of Australian town.

Replica of the Austrian alpine town Hallstat in Guangdong Province, China

(Image Credit: Guardian Cities)

When it was reported last year that the ­Austrian town had been “secretly cloned”, right down to its statues of angels, some ­residents were outraged. But the mayor, ­Alexander Scheutz, was over the moon. “We are very proud,” he said, as he signed up to a cultural ­exchange with his town’s new twin. It is now clear why: the clone has been a lucrative means of cultural ­promotion, with the number of ­Chinese visitors to the real Hallstatt jumping from 50 to 1,000 per year. For the full story check here!

Or if you would like to see world of wonders in one city without traveling around, check Chinese city of Suzhou, the city of clone landmarks!

Suzhou’s Tower Bridge is not quite a carbon copy of the London original; it has four towers and no raising mechanism.

(Image Credit: Guardian Cities)

Check here for the full story!

From Tower Bridge to Sydney Harbour, welcome to China’s city of clones

As a bonus, you can even find Corbu around!

Ronchamp, Zhengzhou, 2004

A barbecue restaurant in Zhengzhou (Image Credit: Guardian Cities)


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