The Mega Projects as ‘Artworks’ Raising On the Worker Deaths


(Image Credit: Smithsonian)

An elevator plunged from the 32nd floor to the ground, 10 construction workers were killed in a condo construction in Istanbul last month today. They were forgotten just in a week. However, sadly, this is only the top of the iceberg. Death toll at Istanbul construction site reveals dark side of building boom in Turkey

The accident at the glitzy skyscraper in one of Istanbul’s busiest areas prompted a huge wave of indignation that was exacerbated by the police’s typically heavy-handed crackdown on mourners, many of who marched to the site shouting 'murderers.' DHA Photo

(Image Credit: DHA)

During first five months of 2014, 97 workers were killed in skyscraper constructions in Turkey according to report published by Izmir Medical Chamber.

Gökdelenler için 5 ayda 100 kisi öldü! (in Turkish)

Since those deaths happen to be one by one in several constructions, they were not even in the daily news.

The severity of the situation can be seen via the cases such as the construction works for Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022. According to Smithsonian, more than 900 workers have already died building Qatar’s World Cup infrastructure.

The International Trade Union Confederation says that if conditions don’t improve, at least 4,000 migrants will die before kick-off.

4000 workers are expected to be dead!

Such cases present an alarming situation of the level of exploitation of workers, which threats the very human right-right to life.

Another issue considering those worker deaths is the architects’ indifference for worker deaths in constructions of their ‘art works‘, which actually makes them partners in crime. Here is Zaha Hadid’s response to the case of Qatar Stadium:

Zaha Hadid on Worker Deaths in Qatar: “It’s Not My Duty As an Architect”

“I have nothing to do with the workers,” she said. “I think that’s an issue the government – if there’s a problem – should pick up. Hopefully, these things will be resolved.” (Dezeen)

We all know what this means in plain English, “It is not my problem!“.


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